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Entertainment is 24/7 for today’s audiences. They expect to be engaged at a moment's notice, wherever they are. That’s good news for television on all platforms, but it also demands the need for keeping audiences connected before, during, and after episodes — as well as between seasons.

Whether on-air, on-demand or online, clip-driven content is a solution that rewards fans, attracts new viewers and builds momentum. Hodder’s recognized expertise has been honed on groundbreaking shows like ​LOST​ and ​Battlestar Galactica​. Comic Book cult favorites like ​Arrow and ​Legends of Tomorrow.​ Social media juggernauts like ​Catastrophe​. And television movie franchises like​ Descendants 1 a​nd​ 2.​

Each project has a primary purpose, such as launching a new series or season, bidding farewell to fans, re-engaging audiences after an extended hiatus, or kicking off a night of event television. Hodder fulfills the purpose while aligning seamlessly with the network’s objectives, a show's personality and audience expectations.


Rewarding fan loyalty is a big reason clients partner with Hodder to produce tribute and fan-centric specials. Freeform and Warner Bros. asked Hodder to craft a love letter to the obsessed fans of one of their biggest shows and thus was born Pretty Little Liars: We Love You to Death. We featured the fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Dark Swan Rises. And to help keep the momentum of their hot new show Blackish going, we created Blackish: Bloopish which aired to much success in place of a repeat. To help send off the much beloved Gravity Falls on Disney XD, we produced Between the Pines to air before the finale and multiple times in the weeks following.



When clients want to propel a series, re-engage fans and showcase creators, they call on Hodder. Our six-year relationship with ABC’s LOST yielded 13 specials that launched seasons, tipped the series into sweeps and served as companions to primetime viewing events. ABC continues to rely on our expertise, with specials like Scandal: The Secret Is Out. We are a go-to resource for The CW, for which we produced A Very Special Supernatural Special among others. We also helped launch the second seasons of Pivot’s Please Like Me and Under the Dome on CBS.


Capturing the interest of audiences and advertisers before a series launches is a unique opportunity. Somewhere alongside promos and trailers is a complimentary clip we call the “pre-cap”. Syfy tapped Hodder to develop a pre-cap as added value content in the run up to the launch of Being Human. The CW wanted to weave together the backstories of two of their signature series Arrow and The Flash to launch Legends of Tomorrow, resulting in the Hodder-produced event Their Time is Now. March development clips for ABC challenged the Hodder team to bring show ideas and concepts to life prior to pilot shoots — and in some cases before casting was complete or titles were determined. And Hodder helped Disney Channel launch the movie Descendants with a hugely successful special, Set It Off.


There’s extra power in easy-to-share content that creates its own community and conversations. That’s where Hodder digital content shines, embracing the DNA of the series, while standing on its own as entertainment. Hodder has produced notable entries in this format, like What the Frak Is Going on With Battlestar Galactica. More recent assignments are the NSFW trailer for Amazon’s Catastrophe and ABC’s The Goldbergs digital clips, which Hodder crafted as collateral elements to our special An ‘80s Rewind.


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